Interview with Sophie Peskett

Town Winger Sophie Peskett really cemented her place in the First Team line-up last season, putting in some memorable performances as well as getting herself on the score-sheet on a regular basis.

Sophie become a crowd favourite at the Goldstar Ground and a player defenders struggled to cope with on many occasions. Cutting in from the wing and scoring seemed to happen naturally for her as well as racking up assists.

Towards the back end of the season Sophie got her first England call up to attend an England training camp along with a handful of other Tractor girls.

We spoke to Sophie, to get her views on her debut season and also that England call up.

A bit about Sophie

Which men’s or women’s player do you look up to?
Since playing Man City in the FA cup I have looked up to Lauren Hemp as she plays in the same position as me and plays in a way that I like and is good to watch.

What team do you support?


What do you do outside of football?

Outside of football I mostly like to see my family and friends

Who inspires you?

Lionel Messi inspires me as I love the way he plays and he is just great to watch.

Thoughts on VAR?

I think that VAR is good for the game as long as it is used correctly. When used correctly it is the fairest way to play as the referee cannot always see everything on the pitch.

Tv show/series you would recommend?

Prison break and Breaking bad

3 songs on your playlist?

Tommy Lee – Tyla Yaweh feat. Post Malone
Scared to love – Juice Wrld
Mood swings – Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay

If you had a choice, which team mate would you room share with on an away trip?

Would have to be Maddie Biggs as we always room together on away days and I do home stay with her in the week.

Which team mate is considered the joker?

Would have to be Eloise King

You’re captain in 5-a-side, which 4 team mates would you pick on your team?

Anna Grey, Eloise King, Lucy Egan and Nikita Runnacles.

Whose is the loudest team mate?

Eloise King

You started the season in fine form and contributed with your fair share of goals. Kicking off the season like that must really helped with your confidence?

Yes, it was a great start to the season for me which meant that I was encouraged to set the boundaries high and to keep having good performances week in week out. The fact that I did not think I would be playing for the first team built up my confidence a lot as I was getting more minutes than I previously thought I would be getting before the season started. This was crucial as it meant that I was confident for the remainder of the season

It was a season to remember, before it come to an early end, for many reasons, one of which being the FA Cup run. The amount of press attention and fresh support shows how far women’s football has come?.

Yes, we were all really happy with how far we got in the FA cup and the media attention that we got was unbelievable. I do think it shows how much women’s football has improved and that the future for the women’s game is very exciting.

The season didn’t end how we planned, despite being favourites to go and take the league and gain promotion. How did the team take the news that the Season was null and void?

I think we all were very shocked as we had all hoped that the season could have carried on or they could have done something so that we were still promoted. The fact that we had had such a good season and it all come down to basically nothing it was hard but I think we are just all ready for the season to start up again.

The current situation really come out of the blue at the start, how have you delt with being in lockdown and how have you past the time away from training and playing games?

Yes, I would never have guessed that this season would be called void so that was a shock to all of us. I have tried to keep fit by going out running and doing as much gym as I can which Ipswich have been very helpful with from a physical perspective. I have also tried to analyse my own games as well as others so that I can have a better understanding of the game.

It’s unknown currently when the new season will be given the green light, is there anything going on behind the scenes to keep players on their toes and making sure everyone is keeping fit for when the go ahead is given?

We have been given training programmes that we need to all stick to in order to keep as fit as we can, so that we are best prepared for when we go back although we do not know when this will be so we are all just trying to keep fit and motivated during this time.

Being called up to the England training camp must have been a proud moment for yourself and your family? How did you react when you got the call?

Getting my first England call up was of course a very proud moment for me and my family. When I got the call to say I was going to be at the next camp I was mostly shocked which is why I did not actually say very much! It was quite overwhelming as I did not expect it at all.

The England call up, you was accompanied by some of your Ipswich team mates. How did you get on and what have you taken away from the experience?

I learnt lots from the camp and being there with my team mates made it an all round better experience. I learnt to play in a new formation and most of all, I learnt to adapt to playing with other players from various teams which was enjoyable.

The current squad has a lot of academy products. Does it make the transition to first team football easier when you have team mates from the youth making the move up with you?

One hundred percent! I also knew a lot of the players from previous years of playing together at Essex RTC which made it easier for me to fit in as we all got on so well that we could motivate each other in training and in games..

Does playing for both the youth and first team take its toll on you?

Not particularly as Ipswich seem to rest us quite well, for example if we have two big games in the same week they will make sure that we are not doing too much in training so we are not becoming too fatigued before a game. Although it does make it harder as there are games where we do feel tired but I think it has taught me to be able to perform while being fatigued which is always useful.

What would you say to young girls thinking of getting into football

I would tell them to go for it, as long as they are enjoying what they are doing they shouldn’t listen or care about what other people are thinking.

A big thanks to Sophie for giving us some of her time to conduct this interview!.

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