True Blue, more than just a Membership

Yesterday, Ipswich Town Women announced a brand new Membership where fans could pay a minimum monthly fee of £5, or more if they wished, to become a True Blue. The True Blue membership attracted fans right off the bat, with people signing up without a second thought. We have taken a look into the brilliant new package where member’s get free entry to ALL Tractor Girls home games.

The Benefits of being a True Blue Member –

Signing up to be a True Blue gives you plenty of benefits. You will receive an exclusive True Blue welcome pack, Be automatically entered into a monthly half time prize draw, opportunity to join the team at their end of season player awards and every membership entitles you to free entry to all Ipswich Town Women home matches.

More than just a Membership –

True Blue will provide the club with a constant income source that will help it continue to grow.. With the club being fully self sufficient, every penny counts towards their goals. Manager, Joe Sheehan, has a clear plan in place to take the club to the highest point of women’s football and join clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea in the WSL. They have made the slogan “4 to 1” to highlight their goal of moving the club up from the 4th tier, through the leagues and into the WSL.

Ipswich Town have partnerships with the University Of Essex and St Joseph’s College to offer young aspiring footballers the chance to gain scholarships and continue their education as they develop on the pitch. This is a huge opportunity for young girls looking to get into playing Football in the East of England and ensures the younger generation doesn’t have to pick between a career in Football and an education. Just another reason why funding the club is vital and why True Blue will make a huge difference to the clubs future.

The cost of success –

Just like the Men’s game, the higher up the pyramid we go, the higher the cost to sustain our club. Ipswich Town currently Play in the 4th tier of the Women’s pyramid, which costs the club £30,000 a year to thrive. The Tractor Girls were in touching distance last season of promotion before the season was stopped due to the Pandemic. If the club was to see out the promotion this time round, they would need £200,000 a year to thrive in The National League. Again, just another reason why every penny counts as we push to make the step up into tier 3.

Club Appeals –

Players and Staff from Ipswich Town Women last night put out appeals for fans to join the True Blue Membership, stating how important it was that fans helped the club achieve it’s goals and how excited they were for the future of the club.

Eva Hubbard – “A huge step forward for our club! Please donate what you can & in return receive a number of benefits including free entry to all home games this season!”

Joe Sheehan – “Be part of our journey”

Natasha Thomas “Want to support the Ipswich town women’s game from £5-£125 a month…Then check this out. All you need to do is fill in your details and make sure in the drop down put who recommended you in this case Natasha Thomas. Be a part of what we’re doing and the future”

Maddie Biggs – “Get involved and be apart of the journey!!”

Paige Wakefield – “Become a True Blue and be a part of our journey! This scheme will have such a huge impact to our season and with your generosity we can really push on to become the best team we possibly can be!”

How to join –

Joining is simple!, visit and sign up! it’s quick and simple and you have access to your benefits instantly!.

Join us in supporting the future of Women’s Football in East Anglia today!

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