Interview with Maddie Biggs

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She made a name for herself last season, bagging a hattrick at Huddersfield Town in the FA Cup, sending Ipswich Town into a tie with Manchester City. This season, young Ipswich Town Striker Maddie Biggs, will be hoping for more of the same as the club set it’s sights on another record breaking season. Maddie is already off the mark after slotting away her first of the season against Billericay.

We caught up with Maddie to look back over the opening 3 games of the season, as Ipswich Town look to make it 4 wins from 4 this coming Sunday when Cambridge United visit Felixstowe.

Which footballer, men’s or women’s, would you love to play alongside?

Probably Ronaldo, imaging having him as your striking partner 🤯

What team do you support?

West Ham ⚒

Who inspires you?

Lucy Bronze, Fran Kirby

3 songs from your playlist?

Gold digger, Kanye West
Doo Wop (that thing), Ms Lauryn Hill
Ride Wit Me, Nelly and City Spud

Do you have any pre-match Rituals?

No I don’t, just try to warm up as best as I can so it reflects on the pitch in game

A footballing memory you’ll never forget?

Defiantly scoring my hattrick against Huddersfield last season in the FA Cup. It was such a surreal moment and an amazing experience!.

Which team mate would you share a room with on an away trip?

Me and Sophie would always share last season so I would have to say her.

Which 4 team mates would you pick on your 5 a side?

Sophie, Maria, Anna and Eloise!!.

First game of the season was against a side we knew as a rival for top spot, was it about preparing right and using that home advantage to get the win?

Defiantly, as it was the first game of the season we wanted to make sure we started off on a win, and set the tone for the next run of games.

Hashtag had made a couple of big signings in the summer, did that come into your preparation or do you solely focus on your own game?

I think we just focused on our game and how we can be better, focusing on the opponent too much can take away parts of your own game which we didn’t want to happen

Hashtag proved difficult to break down but we still remained on top. With games like that, is it about just being patient and not trying to force the breakthrough?

100%. We had to make sure we were patient and waited for the right moment to create attacks and try and get through them.

The deadlock was finally broken when Lucy Egan unleashed a rocket and a brilliant moment for her?

Ye it was an amazing strike from Lucy, I was on the bench at the time and we all went crazy!!.

A win and a clean sheet against a team who will be challenging for that top spot must give the team a big confidence boost?

Defiantly! It sets the season off on a high. It was important to start this season how we finished last season and we did.

Another tricky game followed when we travelled to Billericay, not helped by the weather, does playing in them conditions make it harder to play your own game?

It can effect it sometimes, you could play a different game in the second half if the wind is behind you for example but you just have to adapt as a team get used to the conditions and not let it take over completely.

We stated slow and had to soak up a fair bit of pressure from the hosts. At times like that, is it just about dealing with it and taking advantage when you get on the front foot?

Ye I think at the start we were finding our rhythm which meant a more defensive start but once we made a few passes and attacks, we found confidence and it carried on throughout the game.

Maria Boswell made her First Team debut and got our Player Of The Match vote. She certainly staked her claim for that Right Back spot didn’t she?

100%. It was great to see her play after such a long time out and for her to play as well as she did and then get MOTM is just a bonus on top!

Once we got that first goal, it seemed to give us a big boost and spur us on?

Defiantly, like I said it helped us find our rhythm and start to play our way and it seemed to get better the more we scored and the longer the game went on.

Georgia Allen came on in the second half and seemed to give us that creative spark?

Ye she defiantly makes an impact when she comes on the pitch. Being a Striker and having a creative player behind you who wants to go forward and build is always good

You got on the scoresheet yourself. For a striker, getting that first goal of the season can sometimes be the hardest one of the season. Is there almost a relief when you get that first goal?

As a Striker you’re always looking to score goals especially at the start of the season when you want to set your season off on a high, so ye it can be a relief

You almost got a second shortly after but was denied by the crossbar. Does getting that first goal give you bit more confidence?

Definitely, as well as that, just being apart of attacks that might not end up in goals but are good spells of play give you confidence too!.

It was a strong team performance to come away from that game with a clean sheet and 3 points after soaking up that first half pressure. It shows how strong the team is as a unit?

Ye we’ve been working throughout pre-season trying to get back into the swing of things especially after a long break, so to have started how we have it helps us see that we can hopefully replicate last seasons successes and the way we played

Unfortunately, last weekends game was without spectators due to the weather. Can a change so close to kick off affect the team mentally?

Maybe slightly but we had to focus on the game ahead and not be concerned about anything else. We wanted to win the game with or without supporters there and we did.

We got off to the best start with an early goal, we couldn’t have asked for a better start?

It helps getting an early goal to set the tempo for the rest of the game and to get ahead of the opponent early on, puts us on the front foot.

The 2 Cambridge Centre Halfs were doubling up on you at every opportunity and knew the threat you posed. It must get frustrating when you have 2 opposition players on you constantly?

It can be ye, but you just have to find a way to not let it affect your game and use the players around you to help you get forward rather than doing it on your own.

Sophie Peskett and Anna Grey looked really lively and caused problems for their defence?

Their pace and skill is always a threat and is a really strong part of their game each week

We dominated the possession of the game but still had to work hard to come away with the result?

Each game requires hard work, we don’t want to drop our performance and always want to to play as best as we can no matter what the game is like.

3 wins and 3 clean sheets. Not a bad way to start a season?

The best way we could’ve started!.

You started against Cambridge City, do you see it as a chance to make the position your own?

Hopefully, there’s always competition in every position and it makes you want to play even better.

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